We are a Gospel Family on Mission.

We gather every other week at The Farmer’s Market Pavilion and every other week in parks.

All gatherings are outdoors.

Visit a “Family Reunion” Sunday

What We Believe
We are a non-denominational, Christian church in Columbia’s First Ward with a heart for God’s diverse people. We welcome skeptics, those drifting in their faith, and people as imperfect as us. Join us each Sunday as we enjoy Jesus through relationships, worship, equipping our children, preaching, and discussion.

We gather outdoors, socially-distanced at 1769 W. Ash, the Columbia Farmer’s Market Pavilion (unless otherwise noted on homepage). Come early to enjoy building relationships!

What about kiddos?

It is a joy to provide our children with age-specific instruction to meet their needs, spiritually and in creating community around the Gospel for them at their age. From roughly 11:30am-12:30pm during our Sermon and discussion times, our children are taught in the upstairs classrooms in LegacyKids.

We currently offer one classroom with mix-age instruction, PreSchool – 3rd Grade. 4th Grade and older are drawn into our discussion groups to care for and help encourage participation with the whole family.

LegacyKids is overseen and led by Lauren Cundiff, a trained school teacher. She is a passionate teacher with an attention to detail, a deep care for the whole family, and a lover of developing children where they are. Meeting our kids from their diverse backgrounds and various levels of need is vital to her approach. Her team of volunteer teachers and aids lead our children each “family reunion” Sunday.

How do I find you at The Farmer's Market Pavilion?

We meet at The Farmer’s Market Pavilion (1769 W. Ash St.) every other Sunday from 10:30am-12:30pm.

Parking is free. Feel free to park anywhere within the Pavilion or ARC parking. You’ll see us underneath the Pavilion.

See our calendar page for full times, dates, and details. 

What is your Sunday morning like?

Sunday’s are like a family reunion, we like to say. As the Church, we gather together on Sundays (and other days) after being “scattered” around the City in our respective jobs, neighborhoods, families, and callings.

Sunday is a time to join in worship through singing, dancing, reflection, hearing the Word, sharing food, carrying one another’s burdens in prayer, and enjoying growing relationships. We start at 10:00am with roughly an hour of worship filled with an open environment to prophetic words, words of encouragement, and Spirit-led breaks to respond to the prayer needs of the church family. After sharing announcements about what’s going on, our kids 0-3 + PreSchool to 3rd Grade have age specific teaching while we enjoy roughly an hour of preaching, discussion, and interaction.

Most Sunday’s include breaking down the entire room further into discussion and dialogue. We believe knowledge left unapplied is not valuable. Providing opportunities to share what we are learning, process, and give away to others is extremely important to our culture as a Church family.

Live as God’s Family,
Visit a Small Group

Our Leaders
At LegacyPoint, we see Small Groups as the “life of the church”. Every other weekend, we gather in these Small Groups instead of meeting on Sunday morning. It was in intimate groups that the church began and it is in these groups where real life-on-life heart change happens. This is one of our primary outworkings of Acts 2:42-47.

These smaller groups are led by various leaders beyond our pastoral team. Each Small Group is like a “nuclear family”. These groups spend time both in group and out relating together. They seek to help meet each others needs physically and spiritually. Beyond meeting around the Word, prayer, and fellowship, these groups move  together on mission to serve our neighborhoods and nations.

In-home, Small Groups are every other weekend from 9:30-11:30am.

Hardin St.


Additional Leaders

Host Home

Jeanine Hickman

West Blvd.

Leaders / Host Home

Isaac & Lauren Cundiff

Rowe Ln.

Leader / Host Home

Alesia Young


Rachel Briner

Florence Ave.

Leaders / Host Home

Scott & Angela Claybrook

The Vision

We are a Family centered around the Gospel on Mission for God in our neighborhoods and nations.


The Gospel is what makes us Christians. It is the “good news” that Jesus – fully God, fully man – lived a perfect life, died on a cross, and resurrected from the grave, overcoming our sin. The Gospel forever changed history and forever changes us. We live with eternity in mind, gathering together to grow in knowing God and one another deeply through His “good news” (Acts 2:42-43).

We live this out by gathering 1-2 times a month in homes to study the Word, break bread, and pray.


The Family of God is the church. God is a Father; we are God’s children, that makes us family. We must love each other in order to love God fully. By bearing one another’s spiritual and physical burdens, we fulfill God’s Word (Acts 2:44-45).

We live this out by gathering one of our times a month for the sole purpose of fellowship. This may be a game night or going to a kid’s sporting event in the group. The point is that we actually like spending time with one another and growing relationally as a Family.


As a Gospel Family, we have a Mission from God. This mission is to demonstrate and share Jesus with others. Filled with God’s Holy Spirit, we live as missionaries in our city and world, sharing the Gospel with all people (Acts 2:46-47).

We live this out by using one of our monthly gatherings as Small Group to serve our neighborhood and city in an intentional way.