Hear a quick summary

of our replant

Hear Pastor Scott share a quick overview of the transition our local church family made in the summer of 2019.


Below is a spelled out, written and broken down version with calendars and interactive portions.

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The History / Purpose of our replant

As a Church family, we have been gathering since January 2016. The Lord has been gracious. God’s faithfulness shines through as the “Father of Lights in whom there is no shadow or variation due to change” (James 1:17).


Jesus has established a family from many diverse peoples. People have given so much. Our City has seen the Gospel. For this, we are eternally grateful.


In seeking the Lord the last year and a half with our Convergence family, He has posed two questions:

How do we best disciple every man, woman, and child?

How do we best display the Gospel to our neighborhoods and nations?

The best we know how, we have been seeking the Lord to ask how this Gospel Family on Mission can flourish. The following is what we, your leaders,  believe to be the Lord’s next steps for LegacyPoint’s future…

  • Seek God through re-establishing a regular prayer culture and  deep reliance on God through prayer.

  • Moving discipleship into all of life by going into homes, equipping families to equip themselves;

  • Realizing Small Groups, individual discipleship, serving, and rest are the most effective forms of growth;

  • Establishing a strong leader culture with a shared life together;

  • Accomplishing this by moving to an every other week model – every other Sunday worship gatherings and every other Sunday Small Groups;

  • Empowering more people to walk in their calling by increasing serving responsibilities while decreasing the volume of serving, promoting rhythms of rest and relationship.

Read the Guiding Prophetic Words for our Transition
Hear the Family Meeting Announcement

Starting June 2, 2019, we will move to an every other Sunday Worship Gathering…

Beginning June 2, we will begin to gather every other Sunday morning for worship at the Karis Activities Building. As we transition into a full replant and change of rhythms by September 1st, we will continue to gather in our current Small Groups. On the weeks we are not meeting on Sunday mornings, we will gather Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in our current Small Groups.

See the details below for further clarity on calendar and style of gatherings…

Starting August 25, 2019, we will have a new home on Sunday mornings: The ARC

Over the last 6 months of lease negotiations with our amazing friends Karis Church, we have both realized a need for a change of how we are using the space. It became clear that we would no longer be able to co-habitat on Sunday mornings beginning August 25. Due to parking issues and other logistical problems, we both decided it would be best if we sought other options.
Through a series of divine opportunities (shared by Pastor Scott in the Q&A audio above), the ARC became available for less money, more options, and an easier load on our set-up team. The ARC provides access to increased parking, assistance with set-up / tear-down, and most importantly, it puts us deeply rooted into the heart of our City and First Ward.

Starting September 1, 2019, our local Church adopts new rhythms

Starting September 1st, we will begin every other Sunday worship gatherings and ever other Sunday Small Group gatherings.
Our Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Small Groups will be replaced by this model. We will add a weekly, church-wide prayer meeting as well as a bi-weekly Leader Gathering to strengthen our leadership core.
As mentioned above, we believe the new rhythms we are adopting are the best way to grow disciples… every man, woman, and child. We believe it to be the Lord’s revelation and grace leading us into deeper rhythms of leader development, display of the Gospel to our City, intimacy in relationship, and healthy rest.

Questions? Concerns?

Again, we are sure you have plenty of questions. Our pastors want to reassure you and provide an “open door policy”. Call. Text. Email.Reach out! They and our other leaders would love to spend time helping you personally process.

Pastor Isaac – 573 228 0529

Pastor Scott – 573 808 3932

We love you all and are fully confident that we are moving forward with Jesus at our helm. Holy Spirit – we say, “have Your way”. We lean on Jesus’ promise, alone, as we continue to make disciples for His legacy…

“And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
~ Matthew 28:20 ESV

Jesus is making children from orphans.

We are replanting

to capture Family on Mission.

Started June 2, 2019, our church transitioned into every other week. Every other week worship gatherings. Every other week in homes.


God the Father desires a family. We are seeking to truly live as one.

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