Jesus is making children from orphans.

We are replanting

to capture Family on Mission.

Starting June 2, our church transitions into every other week. Every other week worship gatherings. Every other week in homes.


God the Father desires a family. We are seeking to truly live as one.

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Full transition by

Sept 1st, 2019

The Lord has challenged us with a key question: “How do we best disciple every man, woman, and child?”


This transition is the response. Get the full vision, details, dates, and what to expect.

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We are a Gospel Family on Mission.

We live to love our diverse neighborhoods and nations for Jesus’ legacy and His glory.

This summer, we gather every other Sunday @ the Karis Activities Bldg

and every other weekend in-homes.

We’ve got Good News to share.

Latest Sermon
We gather together on Sunday
mornings to enjoy the Good
News of Jesus, together.
Come see what His love is all about.
Gathering begins at 10:00am. Come early!


Family Reunion Sundays
@ Karis Activities Bldg

June 2, 16, 30
July 14, 28
August 11

Small Group Weekends
(No Sunday Mornings @ Karis)

June 7-9, 22-24
July 5-7, 19-21
August 2-4, 16-18

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“Family Reunion” Sundays

Every other Sunday is a “Family Reunion”. The entire church gathers to enjoy Jesus through worship, preaching, prayer, and fellowship.


Dive Deep in Small Groups

It’s not about the building. Every other week we live out being the family of God by meeting in homes and on mission in our community.


Our Foundational

All theology produces movement. Read about our foundational beliefs that empower our actions and everyday lives.

Jesus is the Sweetest Gift we know

The Gospel

changes everything.

We live in a broken world. Broken families, broken relationships. Our neighborhoods are hurting. Nationally and internationally things are a mess. But Hope lives.


There is “good news” in the Gospel of Jesus.

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