Called Up: Readiness to Repent


Called Up: Readiness to Repent

July 10, 2022 by Myya Maxwell, Scott Claybrook

Sermon Synopsis

In the Garden, God breathed His breath of life into us. The Lord imparted the Life of Christ into us – His own life – from generation to generation. As we look into this Life, we find a story at work in all generations. The books of Kings and Chronicles are part of the larger Biblical story of God rescuing humanity despite our failures. It is about His covenant or unbreakable bond that causes His Life to work within us. 

This Summer, we will look at character studies of Israel’s kings and find the daily tension we all experience….

Will we yield to God – stewarding His life within us from generation to generation?
Or, will we rebel and try to be our own king? 

Let us take seriously the Life of Christ given to us in King Jesus. As followers of this King, we are called to pass on Christ’s very Life from generation to generation until His triumphant return. Join us as we identify what we are called to pass on, what hinders it, and run to our King for transformation, together.