As outlined in the New Testament (1 Tim 3:1-8, Titus¬†1:5-10, 1 Pt 5:1-5, Acts 20:17-35), we function as a plurality of pastors / elders who oversee the local church, together. Each elder is a pastor with no more value than any other yet with different roles. Jesus is the “Senior Pastor” and He is the only person the church cannot live without.

This is very similar to each member in the congregation, each are equal with different roles and responsibilities. View our Eldership and other teams below:

Pastor / Elders

Lead Pastor / Elder

Scott Claybrook

Pastor / Elder

Pablo Serna

Small Group

Small Group Leader

Pablo & Erica Serna

Small Group Leader

Isaac Cundiff

Small Group Leaders

Scott & Angela Claybrook

Ministry Leaders

Director of Children & Family Ministry

Erica Serna

Worship Director + Leader

James Briner

Director of Discipleship

Erica Serna

Director of Prayer

Dedrae Kelly